Each weight lifter and gymrat knows that you should eat a lot of protein for muscle development. Without the amino acids of protein, your muscles can’t develop regardless of how hard and much you train. Protein is the base for building muscle and there could be no different supplements besides protein for muscle gain. Okay, roids. But we are naturals on this blog.

It is prescribed that if you are going to bulk, you should atleast eat 1,5 grams of protein for each pound of your body weight every day. That is a ton of protein which many individuals can’t get in their ordinary diet and protein supplementation is regularly fundamental. Without eating enough protein, all your muscle building exercise, will all be for nothing. Such a waste right?

 So when is the perfect time to eat protein to enhance muscle growth? How and which kind of protein would be the best for you to eat to get amazing muscle gain?

 Eat protein is the first thing after a good night of sleeping, your body is in a catabolic state. That means your body is consuming your muscle for energy because your glycogen store is very low. So eat fast digesting protein, for example, make a protein shake, or yoghurt, maybe a glass of milk? Even before you clean your teeth to prevent you from losing muscle.

 Eat protein between your big meals To keep protein in your body. In order to take care of your muscles during the day, take casein protein between your big meals or a protein bar. Casein protein is the slowest form of protein, so it will consistently release protein in your system to take care of your muscles for a long period of time between your meals. This way, your muscles won’t stop getting protein throughout the day.

Fast digesting protein before or after your workout is well known to be really good for your muscle growth. For example, whey protein before your exercise will help muscle gain as your muscles are being damaged. Take whey protein again after your exercise alongside some carbs to fix your muscle cells after you have harmed them during your exercise.

 Protein before bed since you won’t be eating for a long time. Muscle building is at its best when you rest, you should urge your muscle to grow by eating casein protein before you go to sleep. As casein protein is the slowest to process, it will  take care of your muscles for up to seven hours when you rest and will help your muscle to build while your taking a goodnight sleep.


So now you that you know the best time to eat protein and what kind of protein to improve muscle growth, go do it. Follow these tips and see your muscles make gains like you have never seen.