This article is going to talk about chest workouts to build chest muscle with only bodyweight. The only thing you actually need to have an amazing workout is room. maybe a bag of rice as weights. just be creative. When the gyms were closed here in the Netherlands I used to work out with my school bag and some heavy books. But if you do want to spend a little bit on equipment then I have something for you too in this article. So keep up.

Build Chest Muscle
Chest Workout No Equipment

Which muscles do you want to workout?

I have been doing strength at home or on vacation for the past 7 years when I can’t be in the gym. First, you need to know which muscles you want to work out to make a plan that fits your lifestyle. But today we are going to talk only about the chest muscle group. When you don’t have weights around to work with, you are gonna need to focus on high repetition. If you wanna be able to do more workouts. And a lot easier and faster. Then I have just 2 types of equipment for you under $120 dollars on Amazon. These are my personal favorites. Number 1: Resistance bands and 2 is: Dumbells. But enough about equipment, back to no equipment.

What Are The Best Chest Exercises?

What are the best exercises for the chest? You have a lot of chest workouts one is better than the other but a chest exercise is a chest exercise. You should personally try to find exercises you like and really enjoy doing. Because growing muscle is not a race, it’s a marathon. The exercises down below are personally my favorite when I don’t have the option to go to the gym. They are basic exercises, but you don’t need to do something unique to grow your muscle. It’s more about the way you do it. if you can perform an exercise really well with an amazing form, then that’s better than doing some exercise that you don’t really know how to do.

Build Chest Muscle Workout routine (No Equipment)

I advise you to do these chest exercises for 3-5 sets of 10-15 and one set till failure. this will help you to get the same muscle Fatigue as getting with heavyweights. But if this is too much for you just try 6-10 and 1 failure set.

I linked videos in the name of the exercise so that you can get a better visual of the exercise.

Shoulder width push-ups: this is the most popular chest exercise. If you follow these steps you will target both chest muscles (upper, under) and the tricep even more than by a regular push-up. And your abs will be targeted too. The best way to perform a shoulder with push-up is to go on your knees put your hand’s shoulder width, then raise your hips to like 45-degrees, tighten your core and perform the push-up till your nose hits the ground. If push-ups are a bit hard for you try to do them on your knees.

Incline Push-ups: this is a really good exercise to target your upper chest. you will even work your back a little with this exercise. First of all, find something higher to put your hands on. A bit more than shoulder-width on the stairs or a chair or the side of your bed, just be creative. Put your hands on the higher object then raise your hips but, this time your body needs to be on one line. don’t raise your hips too much. tighten your core and perform the push-up. this exercise is easier to do right than the shoulder width push-up.

Decline Push-ups: This is the same exercise as the Incline Push-ups, but it works the lower chest better. Follow the exact steps of the Incline Push up. But find something to put your feet on so you have a decline form. If it’s hard for you to do a decline push. I advise you to find something a bit lower and put your knees on it.

These are the only exercises you need to grow more chest muscle. and you need to eat enough protein. Don’t make it harder for yourself than it has to. I will repeat it again for you don’t make it harder for yourself than it has to be. I hope that I could help you with this article to grow your chest. i hope this will help you to build chest muscle.