Diet rules, are there diet rules that you can break. YES, there are A LOT of rules that are not true. You’ve probably heard a load of stupid diet rules, yet specialists say things that will not help you with your diet or lose weight or make dieting any easier.

Diet Rules

10 Food Rules You Can Ignore

1. Eating around evening time will put on the pounds and make you fat. The total calories you eat and drink over a 24 -hour timespan is the thing that makes you put on weight or lose weight, and when you eat these calories in the middle of the night or early in the morning it doesn’t make any difference. so don’t stop eating because it’s 7 PM.

Don’t Eat At These Times!

2. Am joking, it doesn’t matter when you eat. Only if you want to build muscle. If you want to read more click here. Eat when you are hungry, not when the clock says it’s 3 PM you can eat now. The only thing that can tell you the time to eat is your own body. +tip don’t eat only when you’re hungry try to eat something even if you’re not hungry because you have a bigger chance to overeat when you’re hungry

Don’t Lose Motivation!

3. Dieting with a friend makes weight reduction simpler. Common objectives might pay off however weight reduction is for every person differently. It’s all about how much you want it. YOU need to be disciplined. And please don’t lose motivation because your friend losses more weight than you, everybody is different.

is There A Secret To Feel Full?

4. People say fats are the secret to keeping you full. But that is not true. Protein, carbohydrates. But the best of all is fiber. Fiber takes a longer time to digest so you feel longer full after a meal full of fiber. So start the day with some fruit and whole grains. Like, replace your normal bread with whole wheat bread.

Don’t Stop That Day If…

5. if you think you blew your diet that day because you ate something that is not healthy or you ate fast food. So you think you just start tomorrow again. NO, everyone makes that mistake, I did that too. But you should not stop that day and eat whatever you want. Just follow your diet. you will not gain weight because of eating something bad one time.

Special occasions

6. Denying food at a party or when visiting is impolite. Turning down food that is bad for you to help you get to your goals is NOT impolite. Of course, you can eat something that is not in your diet. In the end, you need to be balanced. your mental health worth is far more worth.

Avoid an ED

7. Don’t eat too low below your maintenance calories, you need to calculate your calorie intake so you can lose weight in a healthy way without being that dizzy or tired the whole day. Your body needs food to get through the day, so don’t take that away from your body. and after you are done with losing weight you still need to maintain it.

Bread makes You Fat

8. Bread makes you put on weight, nuts are making you swoll, pasta is swelling. Entire wheat bread or pasta makes you fat. Those are all lies the only thing you need to know to lose weight is calories IN vs calories OUT. It’s not about bread or about pasta or etc. you can perfectly eat bread and pasta every day as long as you count your calories.

9. All calories are equal. This is kinda true. Like you will get more nutrients from a 100 calorie banana than from a 100 calorie cookie. Choose healthier food sources if you are losing weight. Because you need to get your daily vitamins in with a lower amount of food. But still, calories are calories so 10 calories of a piece of bread are not going to make you more fat than 10 calories of a banana.

Know How Much You Eat

10. another mental way to eat less is simply to put less food on your plate. People always wanna eat their plate until it’s clean. Make portions so you know what you eat if you are gonna watch a movie and you wanna eat some chips. DON’T eat of the bag you will overeat. Put the portion in a bowl. Be aware of how much you eat.


Don’t believe everything you hear, a lot of it is just not true. Now YOU can tell people the real truth. In the end, nutrition specialists say, a lot of the food and dieting rules are meant to be broken. Experiment with food, Like I said everyone is different. so if something doesn’t work out for you try something new. I wish you a lot of success to reach your fitness and health goals.